The Story of Studio Penny Lane


noun: studio; plural noun: studios

a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc. works.

Studio Penny Lane was founded in 2020 with the intent to showcase sophisticated and curated collections that created more than fast fashion, but art that you live in every day.
The Studio Penny Lane team works closely with our clients internationally to find curated, one of a kind pieces to add to your collection. 
 With customer experience and authenticity being of the utmost importance, Quinn and the Studio Penny Lane team value getting to know our clients on a personal level to always keep our eye out for those special pieces we know you will love.
During the summer months, you can shop our exclusive summer collection in Port Carling, where our beautiful seasonal location is open from June – September.
“If you never take it too seriously, you always have fun.” – Penny Lane
x quinn